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 Henna Tattoo 

Glamour Beauty Salon brings along its creative Henna Art and Henna Body Painting, to share with you. We include all the latest trends that come in, to give you continues variety of henna body paint and temporary tattoos in Industry.

We cater for all occasions like corporate events, Company fun days, Bridal Henna, Marriages, Birthday Parties, Hen/Singles Nights, Festivals, Crafts Day, ceremonies or any special celebration to make the moment different and memorable with excellent henna body art, painting and temporary tattoos in Brisbane.

What is Henna ?

The henna plant is a little tree that grows in hot climates such as northern Africa, the Middle East and southern Asia. The leaves of this plant are harvested, dried and ground into a fine powder. This powder is made into a paste and used to dye skin, hair and even your fingernails.

Henna (also known as Mehndi) is an ancient Indian Body Art. It is used in creating designs and patterns on various parts of the body, though traditionally applied to the hands and feet of women preparing for special ceremonies like marriage. It is completely natural, non-permanent and painless.

This Body Art ( Henna Art) is a Painless temporary tattoos unike real tattoos as designs from Henna fade within 1 to 2 weeks.

Henna's color does not pass through into the dermis, it only stains the dead cells in the epidermis. Henna's color naturally makes the brick/red/brown stains, it usually takes 2-3 hours to get a good Henna stain (color) on the skin, and that (color) is quite harmless.

Pure Henna, with the help of heat, moisture and time, leaves a reddish brown stain on skin, first light, then darkening during the next 24 hours. The shade various according to the quality of Henna (paste) used, and the methods used when applying, and sometimes the colour can darken to almost black, but basically the colour is brown.

Why is Henna as Body Art Popular?

Henna painting has become very popular as a form of temporary tattoo and is liked by a lot. The best aspect of henna is that it is totally natural, made from a plant plant whose leaves are first dried and then crushed to make a fine powder. While applying, the powder is mixed with water. This makes henna totally safe to use. Along with that, its application is totally painless and the effect is temporary. You can use henna to get tattoos, without worrying about pain or infection. In case you are not satisfied with a particular tattoo, just wait for a few days. Its color will soon wash off and you can easily go for another design

Popular Henna Patterns

Though there are no set patterns or designs for Henna, there are some popular designs that have been followed since ages. One of the most popular designs is a paisley that is often filled with a checkerboard pattern. Another popular pattern is a lovely peacock, with the sharp and curved beak and the corona on the head. Floral patterns are quite popular as well.

How To Take Care of Henna?

Your design should last at a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 4 weeks depending on the thickness of the epidermis of your skin and on where the design is located.

Leave the paste on as long as up to 2-3 hours (or more if you can stand it). The longer the paste is kept on, the darker the design will be. After you peel of the paste, dip a Q-tip in some olive or Avocado oil and take off the remainder of the dry paste. Do not expose your new design to water in the first 5 hours after the design has been applied as the colour is still in its darkening process. The less exposed to water, soap or rubbing, the longer the designs will longer.

We Specialized in -
Traditional Indian Henna Body Art & Henna Body Painting
Henna Body Art and Henna Paint, Artisans specialize in exotic traditional henna mehandi designs. The intricate details and beautiful designs are just another way to express your self.

Bridal Designs
We do the best bridal designs in the industry, may it be intricate traditional Indian designs or bridal designs with a modern touch, Henna Body Art takes pride in providing the best in the Industry!.
Arabic Designs
Henna designs and Henna Body Painting are done all around the world, more and more people are loving the art of Henna. Henna Tattoo can be done in Arabic designs, Traditional Indian designs, Modern Tattoos, Temporary Tattoos and Bridal Henna Paint.

Necklace tattoos
Every one loves jewelry, Henna is just another way to create a artificial impression of jeweler and the best is, Henna Tattoos and henna body arts are temporary, go on try one now!

Ornamental tattoos
Henna Body Art Artists have a huge collection of Temporary Tattoos and Henna Tattoo designs and Henna Body Paintings, you can get tattoos on your belly, back, hands, legs basically anywhere on your body..

Navel tattoos
Henna Body Art, Artists are specialize in exotic traditional henna Mehandi designs and body paints. The intricate details and beautiful designs are just another way to express your self.

Designers mehendi
Henna Body Art does Designer Mehandi and Henna body paint, Designer Mehandi takes lot of time and attention to details, our henna artists have years of experience and take pride in providing the best service.

Anklet tattoos
Anklet tattoos are an absolute fashion statement, anklet tattoos can be exotic and look really beautiful for that special occasion.

We are the leading Henna Body Art & Henna Tattoo (Mehndi) Artists, with a unique creativity, years of experience and skills developed in India, where the Mehendi Art (Henna Tattoo) is first known to have originated.

We specialise in mehndi body art and traditional Intricate Indian designs, ethnic, Modern, Contemporary designs and exotic patterns on various parts of the body.

We do cater for all the events and special occasions and offer various service to suit individual needs like..

  • Bridal Mehendi design and Henna Mehendi Design Nights
  • Corporate Events
  • Company fun days
  • Company 'Logos' for that special day
  • Trade Fairs
  • Children's birthday parties
  • Hen/Singles Nights
  • Promotions /Premiere Launches
  • School Fairs and events
  • Fashion Shows and Shoots

.. or any occasion to make it special, memorable. and give a taste of the East!.

We visit your place, if you are planning to arrange for Mehendi/Henna party night or any venue in Brisbane to suit individual needs. Please visit our henna designs for some of the sample henna design in our Galary section.

Our Henna mehndi body art is 100% pure and is specially selected from the best Henna plants grown in India and the Henna paste is specially Handmade fresh to get the perfect blend of Colour. It has NO chemicals or dye added and is completely safe for children too.

We have a variety of designs to choose from our design gallery or you can have your own design. We can customise any design of your choice and we assure you of a very professional service with very competitive rates. Special discounts for group booking!.

RATES : Inclusive of all materials our rates are very nominal and we assure of a very professional service.

Our Bridal Henna rates are very competitive and work out very reasonable for group bookings for Henna nights. Please enquire for details.

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